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Police Sucks !!!

Pictue this: You visit  Bokaro (Jharkand) for your friends wedding. Check into a hotel and the next morning looses your diamond studded mangal sutra. The guy who stole is caught red handed. But refuses to handover the jewelery. Police arrives and in the next three days, endless trips are made to the police station. At the end you get back empty handed even after the confession of the culprit even when he was still with the police.

Strange !!! This is something that happened to my friend Jayta and Devang Mehta. Devang with his family was on a trip to Bokaro for a friends marriage which literally turned nightmare for them in all possible ways. His wife lost her diamond mangla sutra from the hotel room, little did she know that this incident will probably change all her perceptions about the administrative set of the state. Jayta did manage to find the culprit and after some harsh action the 15 yr boy who worked as sweeper in the hotel did confess his crime. Till here, everything seemed alright. But the whole seen changed when the police arrived for investigation. The boy was taken into remand.  What followed was total inefficiency and corruption beyond imagination. For the next three days Devang visited the police station (sector 4 ) and only managed to receive big statements on why there cant be any action taken against the thief. He was a minor, was the call. What further made things worse was when the police brigade asked for a share he would give in return for the diamond necklace. Oh well, the mangal sutra was never to be returned. It was a racket, which probably involved the 15yr old thief, to the hotel manager to the police. Everyone wanted to have a share of the price that would be receive once the necklace is sold out. Surely, not everyday people can put their hands on to something worth 60k. That is indeed a fortune for anyone.

Jayta and Devang with their three yrs old daughter left Bokaro after three days, feeling absolutely miserable. A trip to their best friend wedding which was to be memorable account turned into a nightmare in more ways than one. Perhaps something which will hunt them forever.Today when they sit and think back about the whole incident, Jayata feels pines for her mangal sutra. After all it was her wedding gift !! It was priceless !! But what probably hurt them more is what followed. In this whole episode probably the biggest mistake was made by Devang. Yeah, because he choose to go the righteous way. He choose to seek administrative help and call the police. He believed what he couldnt do, the police would. He believed he was safe in their hands. Jayta did loose her priceless mangal sutra  but what they lost more was the faith they have in the administration. The fact that being  Indian citizens they are safe and secured went in vein. And what they were left was with a bad taste in mouth. And all they could say ” Bihar police sucks” !!!

The incident may not be one of those incidents involving the police which would have priority. It would definitely not be in headlines. May be because this is one of those petty errors in the part of the Indian police which doesn’t have any significance. But what it damaged was the faith we common man have in them. And as I close this post all I am left pondering….. Who next, who will be mere puppets in the hand of our very own police brigade? Whom to turn to when we are unsafe with the people who are supposed to be the custodians of our safety. Unfortunately I don’t have any answer. Do you ???


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Loving you…..

Loving you means the world to me. I love you because loving you makes me happy and complete. Love is knowing all about someone, and still wanting to be with them more than any other person and I feel the same for you. Love is about trusting them enough to tell them everything about yourself, including the things you might be ashamed of, love is feeling comfortable and safe with someone, and I never felt more secured when with you. I love you for the moments you gave me. I love you for all the yesterdays memories, today’s love and tomorrows dreams. I Love you with the breath, the smiles and the tears of all my life. I want to let you know that if enduring pain, braving shame, despising one’s self for the sake of affection and accepting misery without question is the definition of love – then, I LOVE YOU to death.” Love is what you mean to me and you mean everything. The fact that you are the first person I’ve ever loved and the first person who ever truly loved me makes you indispensable in my life. The amazing way you always seem to be able to read my mind and you bring out the best in me. We can talk about everything or nothing–it’s always okay with you. I can feel your love, in the warmth of your touch, ’cause it touches my heart and soul. I just can’t imagine being me without you. Just a smile…and I lose my heart all over again. You have given meaning to my existence..You are the only one who can make me smile even in my deepest sorrows. I respect the faith you have in me and the faith I have, that you are by my side no matter what. You are far or near, your thoughts linger around me like the warmth of summer time. I love the fact that you love me for what I am. And did I tell you loving you is the best thing ever happened to me ??  Happy Valentines day dear !!!

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Love is Magic

Falling in love is probably the most beautiful thing that can happen to anyone. And it goes without saying, lost love is the worst. People fall in love, go desperate, make the impossible possible and even get weird at times. Love can make the ones whole world go upside down. Its an enigma, its divine, its a mystery and above all love is absolute and complete in itself. Well, that’s why I say love is nothing less than sheer magic.

Falling in love with someone doesn’t need reason. Someone  said,” I honestly don’t know why I love, but I love her to death.” Moral qualities of a person of course mean a lot but when we love someone we usually can’t define and give a name to that something special in that person that makes us feel this way. The more you ask yourself, the more you are without an answer. Love is irrational and very seldom bound by reasons. Love is magic. And you need to be in love to feel the same, to see the magic.

Defining love is barely possible. Many people believe that it’s a divine magical power that connects two loving hearts. Some put it as the one and only selfless act on earth and some put as the the most painful emotion. But in each case seeing the other person happy becomes the most important thing in life. One voluntarily gives up a great part of his/her own freedom or desires just the see their love happy. Love is giving by it’s nature. It is very rightly said  “The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in.”

Love is not perfect and neither it is bed of roses. And love is not love until it hurts. And trust me love grows more when pain flows in. We all should accept this fact that love happens between two human beings and not heavenly angels. And to err is human. To stress out a relationship with the weight of expectations is very common. So the mistakes, problems and conflicts in love are obvious, they all come from our human’s nature. But the clear feeling of love is worth all the troubles one has to walk through to gain it. There is no perfect art of loving. It’s always a road laid with compromises, everyday battle – not with the one you love, but with yourself. That’s how love makes us better. And no matter what, the magical power of love have all the qualities to overcome any difficulty in life. All you have to feel is the strength of this emotion and the fact that you are not alone in this world.

So all you guys out there who have not yet experienced this magic, go and find the one who will cast this magic spell on your life. And for all those who are swinging deep in love….Wish you all a very happy valentines day !!!

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One of the most talked about videos of Indian television this year was undoubtedly the revised version of “mile sur mera tumhara”, now renamed as “phir mile sur mera tumhara”.  Like many I too was waiting for this and it finally arrived on 61st republic day. Came with it some good old memories of late 80s when this music video was first released in DD. For all those who grew up in that era this beautiful song was a part of their lives. Needless to say it touched us deep inside. The aura was inexplicable and the impact was unprecedented. So much so, that even after nearly two decades this song lies fresh in every ones mind and can be easily hummed along. As Salman Khan rightly puts it,” this song was almost like a second national anthem.”

Cut to 2010. “Phir mile sur” was revealed worldwide on Zoom TV  on the 26th January. Taking us down the memory lane, it was  refreshing, but disappointingly not as much as the previous one. It was nostalgic but failed to create the ripples it did twenty years back. The music was good, the marketing was even better. Each artiste speaks of a cause and the video is shot at places which have historic value and significance. But what went missing was a complete participation of India. It was predominantly the bollywood way of things. Out of 65 celebrities, most of them were from our very good old film industry. Which does make me think, what wrong did people like Sachin Tendulkar and Leander Pace do , not get featured in this prestigious promotion. I wonder if people like Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Pudukone who have barely been around, can make it, why cant we have some eminent sportsmen or  price winning literary personalities featured? What about people like APJ Abdul Kalam and olympian Raghavendra Rathode who have made us proud in all possible ways!  Well, there is no answer to these questions. The overdose of bollywood is obvious and sadly the makers of this video believed that presence of the Bachchan clan and the Khans have  huge impact on the audience more than anything and anyone.

The music was definitely good. Both vocal and instrumental renditions were impressive. A blend of classical and modern music does manage to create the magic. But at the sometime can’t deny the fact the older version is a cult classic.. It was soulful, it was melodious. It touched your soul and  above all it made you feel proud- proud to an  Indian. Patriotism was subtle but well defined. This time,  good effort though, but could have been much better with some intelligent choice of faces. Nevertheless, always a treat to have “mile sur…” back with us…..if not as glorifying video, but definitely a melodious musical number.

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Till few days back this was a difficult topic for me to discuss. I was apprehensive, confused and terribly scared with the prospect of sending my  two year kiddo to school. He hardly spoke few words. Understood only our language. He needed me for anything and everything. For me its was nothing less than a crime to even think of sending him to school. But I have to admit that I was wrong. No doubt about the fact that I still feel its little early to send your kid to school. But a good and right choice can always boost the development of your kid. And trust me the growth is amazing.

After a lot of discussions, I decided to start schooling for my son. They call it “playschool”. I stared sending my son to playschool near my home when he was just about two years old. Appropriate choice of the playschool is probably the most important thing to be kept in mind by all the parents. My choice was Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Bal Mandir.  I reviewed couple of more school before zeroing down to this, but most of them did not meet my criterion. The distance from the house, the environment, the teachers and most importantly the money. When I met the principal of this school, I was sure I was choosing a right place for my kid. She knew what  small kids need and subsequently how well they can deliver it. Perhaps, patience, compassion, understanding and a uncanny knack of dealing with children are the primary requisite for any school. And today after sending my son there for two months, I am sure that I have given him a good start in life.

Starting days were difficult , both for him and me. A friend of mine asked,  “was your son crying?”  I happily replied, “No!!!”  Then he added,  “and the mother?”  I was choked ! I did missed him a lot. But I kept telling myself it was for his good. But within a week everything fell into place. The changes  I saw in him left me in awe. His energy is channelized in a positive way. He picked up language both at home and in school very fast. He is learning new things be it rhymes or animal names. Though his speech is yet to be clear, but in his own sweet way he is able to express himself distinctly. And above all, I see him happy. He loves his kool (that is the way he spells for school)  and he loves his teachers. Needless to say, there cant be anything more satisfying and joyful for any parents than to see their kiddo smiling  his way to school.

Playschool is relatively a new concept in India. And like me there are many parents who feel starting so early is unnecessary. But then my experience now says even though its early,  its good. A good school, with a healthy environment can definitely give a good start and a firm foundation to a child’s life. But do make sure the child is happy and is taken good care….for anything else let the child smile or frawn do the talking 🙂

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Now that diwali is gone…all the fan fair is over, and I was left with few things to think about seriously. The diwali celebrations were were gone, we were happy but what I was then left with was my kido struggling with serious breathing problem. I never thought or realised the extent of damage it causes until it was my own kid and I was left wondering how is it for millions of kids who gasp for breath every time during and after diwali. the smoke did all the damage and honestly more than I ever realised.

Diwali is the most important festivals of our country and it goes without saying that the funfair involved is infectious. The way you cannot avoid the festivities in the same way its nearly impossible to avoid the smoke and pollution – it’s going to be anywhere and everywhere – but what is needed is that extra care that can prevent wheezing and other related complications. It is also advisable that patients should take preventive medicines well ahead of Diwali – mild precautionary inhalations and medication prior to the prolonged exposure to smoke and fumes. One should limit exposure to smoke as much as possible, not only on the diwali day but also few days after that till the air is totally clean and smoke-free.

The level of suspended particles in the air increases alarmingly during Diwali, causing eye, throat and nose problems.Suspended particulate matter exposure to the level of 100 ppm results in headache and reduced mental acuity. The effects are more pronounced in people with heart, lung or central nervous system diseases. Sulphur dioxide is readily soluble and dissolves in the larger airways of the respiratory system. At higher concentrations severe contraction restricts the breathing process. Nitrogen dioxide is less soluble and so penetrates to the smaller airways and into the lungs, thereby reducing the intake of oxygen for the body. These cause respiratory allergies like asthma especially to the susceptible population. It causes throat and chest congestion, and are likely to aggravate problems for those already suffering from coughs, colds and allergies.

I am not one of those who ever advocated green diwali. But my son’s suffering because of the heavy cloud of smoke after diwali celebrations left me thinking. This article may hold no meaning for many because diwali is gone this year. But at least we can pledge to make things better the coming year. No celebration is good at the cost of our health. And more if it has to so with a child. Yeah..these words are straight from a mom’s heart who have see her kido suffering. Diwali is for all of us to enjoy…..can we leave aside the smoke please, green diwali ???

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Dreams have always been an enigma to me. I could never find an answer to my dreams. For that matter even to my nightmares. I dream things which happened throughout the day and many a times somethings which have no relation to my life. Dream of people who are close to me and even the dead. Dream of abstract….no specific images, no meaning, not at all comprehensible. Many a times dreams have left me baffled with things which I have absolutely no idea about. The question that predominantly remains unanswered is why at all we dream and what relevance dreams have in our lives.

Dreams are very much a way of our lives. Even though we don’t know anything specifically, but dreams are important and always get our own interpretations. When we dream about anyone close to our heart, we love to believe that we are being thought of. At the same time when we encounter nightmares, we consider it as a bad omen. Knowing unknowing we do decipher dreams in our very own ways, according to our convenience. But scientifically, dreams do have theories with them.

It is said that if we have happy positive expectations we have happy dreams, but, when this system is overstretched and the dreaming process cannot cope with the amount of negative expectations (as when people continually worry), sleep balance is disturbed, dreams are miserable, even nightmarish, and depression can set in. An extreme stress overload can interfere with the process to such an extent that psychotic symptoms arise. And that is precisely when we say that we dream bad and consider it as a negative premonition. Our dreams are governed predominantly by our thought process and our daily lifestyle. Also dreams are metaphorical translations of waking expectations and it is said that only expectations that cause emotional arousal that are not acted upon during the day become dreams during sleep.

Dreams share many qualities with hallucinations also. They are the hallucinations we all experience. Both dreams and hallucinations involve intensive activation of the seeking system. Dreaming is the deepest trance state we go into and there are essential principles to understand them.

I have gone through a lot of theories which have different things said about dreams. But to me what I thought the most fascinating one was the Cayce theory. Let me briefly take you through what Cayce’s experience states…

Cayce’s Experience

When it came to the idea of dreams having purpose, Cayce’s theory was a bit different than the others. He believed dreaming to be the bodies way of “self edification,” which is the building up of the mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. It was a way of quickening the dreamer to his/her own human potential. By getting a good nights sleep, any person could develop more mature values, stretch their thinking, and right one’s self.

According to Cayce, there are five different levels that dream’s stem from. These different levels are the body level, subconscious level, level of consciousness, level of super conscious, and the level of the soul. What they can do for you is anything from presenting messages of your body calling for aid during sickness to stating problems which must be solved within the conscious.

Cayce believed that if you were to interpret your dreams correctly you must thoroughly study yourself. Once you know how you feel about dreams and what they can do for you can you begin to study your dreams. If you have a dream, according to Cayce, it’s primary focus is to either solve problems and adapt to external affairs or awakening and alerting the dreamer to new potential within the self. The first step to Cayce’s method of interpretation is to determine which of the two major functions of dreams is the primary focus of the dream.

The second step is the process of taking inventory. You need to know your conscious and subconscious mind inside out. Know future plans, goals, interests, stances, and decisions. Know your hidden fears, longings, dependencies, and defenses. Know the cycles, needs, habits, and stresses of the body. Once you finish with these two steps you can begin to interpret your dreams and decide how they can help you better yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Nevertheless, dreams will always remain an enigma. To me dreaming deactivates that emotional arousal by completing the expectation pattern metaphorically, freeing the brain to respond afresh to each new day. Although dreams have different meanings for different people, the society we are a part of does impact on our dream imagery.We all collectively respond to aspects of life similarly. We are all concerned with our relationships with people, our general survival dealing with problems in our life, happy sad moments and our triumphs and tribulations.These are common to everyone.Thus, when these issues come into our dream life, there are common ways in which we all tackle them. But what remains a fact that our dreams does fulfill many of our lives’ unfulfilled dreams. And dream gives us our much needed hope !!! I read a quote which says, ” If only I could be with you in my dreams….let me sleep forever…..!!!! So true 🙂

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