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…..When you really want something to happen, the whole universe conspires so that your wish comes true”….is what Paulo Coelho echoes all through this brilliantly written fable,The Alchemist, a story about believing your dreams and achieving them.

The author’s brilliance comes alive through this inspirational novel which skillfully combines words of wisdom, philosophy, and simplicity of language,that surely makes it a masterpiece and accounts for its bestselling status.

The Alchemist is a story of Santiago, an Andalusian shepherd boy who one night dreams of a distant treasure in the Egyptian pyramids. He decides to pursue his dream and sets on a voyage leaving his home in Spain,travelling to Morocco and then Egypt, all in search for a special treasure. When he decides to go, his father’s only advice is “Travel the world until you see that our castle is the greatest, and our women the most beautiful”. Throughout his journey, Santiago sees the greatness of the world, and meets and learns lessons from all kinds of exciting people like camel driver, an Englishman, king and alchemists who seem to be placed in his path at the right moment, just when he needs them.And eventually with the alchemist he develops an ensuing student-teacher relationship which not only changes much of the boy’s misguided agenda but also inspires him to stay true to his dreams. “My heart is afraid that it will have to suffer,” the boy confides to the alchemist one night as they look up at a moonless night.”Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself,” the alchemist replies. “And that no heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of the search is a seconds encounter with God and with eternity.”

However, by the end of the novel, he discovers that “treasure lies where your heart belongs”, and that the treasure was the journey itself,the people he met, the discoveries he made, and the wisdom he acquired.

The Alchemist is undoubtedly a masterpiece which can be readers delight for any age or group.It is a kind of novel which bubbles with optimism and positivity. It instills the confidence in you that everything is possible as long as you really want it to happen.What I liked about the book is that it teaches you to live your life to the fullest, live every moment by moment. Dream and have the courage to follow your dreams. Have fun and enjoy everything life has to offer, but don’t forget your destination. Let go of things that are not within your control. There is something to be learnt in everything we do and every move we make.”The Alchemist” is a novel that may appeal to everybody, because we can all identify with Santiago in someway or the other. We all have dreams and we all want them to come true.What we are longing is to be told that everything is possible and our dreams can come true, and Paulo manages to hit just the right chord by convincing the readers the same.

Paulo Cohelo’s overall writing techniques makes this novel a pleasurable experience.His usage of lucid language mingled with thought provoking phrases, captures the readers imagination and gets them to feel Santiago’s journey as their own.Simple yet thoughtful lines such as,’I am afraid that great disappointment awaits me, and so I prefer to dream” and ”simple things are the most valuable and only wise people appreciate them”, are certainly the hallmarks of this novel.Perhaps this is the secret of Coelho’s success: that he tells people what they want to hear, or rather he tells them what they wish for but never thought would be possible. He gives his readers hope !!

On the whole, The Alchemist is a must read for one and all. It will not only make you feel good but will motivate you to go ahead.It will tell you to believe in yourself ,it will convince you that everything is possible if you see in the right direction. The Alchemist is an inspiration,it is a healer and above all it gives you a new vision in life. So don’t miss it !!

The author says” I love you because the whole universe conspired for me to come close to you.”….stunningly beautiful thought, I must say, thanks Mr.Paulo !!!


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