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Police Sucks !!!

Pictue this: You visit  Bokaro (Jharkand) for your friends wedding. Check into a hotel and the next morning looses your diamond studded mangal sutra. The guy who stole is caught red handed. But refuses to handover the jewelery. Police arrives and in the next three days, endless trips are made to the police station. At the end you get back empty handed even after the confession of the culprit even when he was still with the police.

Strange !!! This is something that happened to my friend Jayta and Devang Mehta. Devang with his family was on a trip to Bokaro for a friends marriage which literally turned nightmare for them in all possible ways. His wife lost her diamond mangla sutra from the hotel room, little did she know that this incident will probably change all her perceptions about the administrative set of the state. Jayta did manage to find the culprit and after some harsh action the 15 yr boy who worked as sweeper in the hotel did confess his crime. Till here, everything seemed alright. But the whole seen changed when the police arrived for investigation. The boy was taken into remand.  What followed was total inefficiency and corruption beyond imagination. For the next three days Devang visited the police station (sector 4 ) and only managed to receive big statements on why there cant be any action taken against the thief. He was a minor, was the call. What further made things worse was when the police brigade asked for a share he would give in return for the diamond necklace. Oh well, the mangal sutra was never to be returned. It was a racket, which probably involved the 15yr old thief, to the hotel manager to the police. Everyone wanted to have a share of the price that would be receive once the necklace is sold out. Surely, not everyday people can put their hands on to something worth 60k. That is indeed a fortune for anyone.

Jayta and Devang with their three yrs old daughter left Bokaro after three days, feeling absolutely miserable. A trip to their best friend wedding which was to be memorable account turned into a nightmare in more ways than one. Perhaps something which will hunt them forever.Today when they sit and think back about the whole incident, Jayata feels pines for her mangal sutra. After all it was her wedding gift !! It was priceless !! But what probably hurt them more is what followed. In this whole episode probably the biggest mistake was made by Devang. Yeah, because he choose to go the righteous way. He choose to seek administrative help and call the police. He believed what he couldnt do, the police would. He believed he was safe in their hands. Jayta did loose her priceless mangal sutra  but what they lost more was the faith they have in the administration. The fact that being  Indian citizens they are safe and secured went in vein. And what they were left was with a bad taste in mouth. And all they could say ” Bihar police sucks” !!!

The incident may not be one of those incidents involving the police which would have priority. It would definitely not be in headlines. May be because this is one of those petty errors in the part of the Indian police which doesn’t have any significance. But what it damaged was the faith we common man have in them. And as I close this post all I am left pondering….. Who next, who will be mere puppets in the hand of our very own police brigade? Whom to turn to when we are unsafe with the people who are supposed to be the custodians of our safety. Unfortunately I don’t have any answer. Do you ???


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