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One of the most talked about videos of Indian television this year was undoubtedly the revised version of “mile sur mera tumhara”, now renamed as “phir mile sur mera tumhara”.  Like many I too was waiting for this and it finally arrived on 61st republic day. Came with it some good old memories of late 80s when this music video was first released in DD. For all those who grew up in that era this beautiful song was a part of their lives. Needless to say it touched us deep inside. The aura was inexplicable and the impact was unprecedented. So much so, that even after nearly two decades this song lies fresh in every ones mind and can be easily hummed along. As Salman Khan rightly puts it,” this song was almost like a second national anthem.”

Cut to 2010. “Phir mile sur” was revealed worldwide on Zoom TV  on the 26th January. Taking us down the memory lane, it was  refreshing, but disappointingly not as much as the previous one. It was nostalgic but failed to create the ripples it did twenty years back. The music was good, the marketing was even better. Each artiste speaks of a cause and the video is shot at places which have historic value and significance. But what went missing was a complete participation of India. It was predominantly the bollywood way of things. Out of 65 celebrities, most of them were from our very good old film industry. Which does make me think, what wrong did people like Sachin Tendulkar and Leander Pace do , not get featured in this prestigious promotion. I wonder if people like Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Pudukone who have barely been around, can make it, why cant we have some eminent sportsmen or  price winning literary personalities featured? What about people like APJ Abdul Kalam and olympian Raghavendra Rathode who have made us proud in all possible ways!  Well, there is no answer to these questions. The overdose of bollywood is obvious and sadly the makers of this video believed that presence of the Bachchan clan and the Khans have  huge impact on the audience more than anything and anyone.

The music was definitely good. Both vocal and instrumental renditions were impressive. A blend of classical and modern music does manage to create the magic. But at the sometime can’t deny the fact the older version is a cult classic.. It was soulful, it was melodious. It touched your soul and  above all it made you feel proud- proud to an  Indian. Patriotism was subtle but well defined. This time,  good effort though, but could have been much better with some intelligent choice of faces. Nevertheless, always a treat to have “mile sur…” back with us…..if not as glorifying video, but definitely a melodious musical number.


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