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Now that diwali is gone…all the fan fair is over, and I was left with few things to think about seriously. The diwali celebrations were were gone, we were happy but what I was then left with was my kido struggling with serious breathing problem. I never thought or realised the extent of damage it causes until it was my own kid and I was left wondering how is it for millions of kids who gasp for breath every time during and after diwali. the smoke did all the damage and honestly more than I ever realised.

Diwali is the most important festivals of our country and it goes without saying that the funfair involved is infectious. The way you cannot avoid the festivities in the same way its nearly impossible to avoid the smoke and pollution – it’s going to be anywhere and everywhere – but what is needed is that extra care that can prevent wheezing and other related complications. It is also advisable that patients should take preventive medicines well ahead of Diwali – mild precautionary inhalations and medication prior to the prolonged exposure to smoke and fumes. One should limit exposure to smoke as much as possible, not only on the diwali day but also few days after that till the air is totally clean and smoke-free.

The level of suspended particles in the air increases alarmingly during Diwali, causing eye, throat and nose problems.Suspended particulate matter exposure to the level of 100 ppm results in headache and reduced mental acuity. The effects are more pronounced in people with heart, lung or central nervous system diseases. Sulphur dioxide is readily soluble and dissolves in the larger airways of the respiratory system. At higher concentrations severe contraction restricts the breathing process. Nitrogen dioxide is less soluble and so penetrates to the smaller airways and into the lungs, thereby reducing the intake of oxygen for the body. These cause respiratory allergies like asthma especially to the susceptible population. It causes throat and chest congestion, and are likely to aggravate problems for those already suffering from coughs, colds and allergies.

I am not one of those who ever advocated green diwali. But my son’s suffering because of the heavy cloud of smoke after diwali celebrations left me thinking. This article may hold no meaning for many because diwali is gone this year. But at least we can pledge to make things better the coming year. No celebration is good at the cost of our health. And more if it has to so with a child. Yeah..these words are straight from a mom’s heart who have see her kido suffering. Diwali is for all of us to enjoy…..can we leave aside the smoke please, green diwali ???


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