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 The current racism row in Australia has left me numb. It is not an attack on an individual but on a nation as the whole, raising a host of unanswered questions regarding the plight of Indians abroad. According to me, racial abuse is by far the most gruesome assault on anyone.The bruises are more psychological than physical, and the scars on the soul gives rise to core fundamental questions which are sometime difficult to answer and sometimes simply unanswerable. Racist abuses also makes us realise the extent of racial practices in so called developed nations and how vulnerable we are to such situations. Racism is more of an age old phenomenon which we have not been able to come out of. At an age where we talk about globalisation and work towards mutual admiration between nations, a racist attack certainly needs our attention and a possible solution too.


But what exactly is racism and why we have not been able to pull out ourselves from its clutches, is something we need to ponder upon more seriously !!! Racism has its roots in the belief that some people are superior because they belong to a particular race or an ethnic group.The concept of race lies in its social construction, and I believe it is nothing individualistic.Racist individuals perceive things on some common differences which are on the lines of customs, values, religion, physical appearance,languages and ways of living. In short, racial separatism is a belief that people of different races should remain segregated and stay apart from each other, a social formula since the existence of mankind.


Racism in India if not rampant, is very much part of the society.We have always talked about our linguistics and cultural diversities.But I am afraid how far we actually enjoyed it .. Perhaps, it is something that has become very much a part of our daily lives and thus on many accounts go unnoticed. A disturbing fact indeed !!! People from north east are often referred as ‘chinky’ or ‘chinese’ or ‘japanese’. Many forums have voiced there opinion on this. http://www.ndtv.com/news/india/questioning_racism_in_india.php  There have been discussions against racism and casteism clubbed together in India.Caste based abuses are also not isolated cases and have managed to gather some attention from different spheres. As says dalit ideologue and writer Chandrabhan Prasad. “Caste and race are not the same, but their implications are same — discrimination on the basis of one’s birth.”  http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/Deep-Focus/Caste-Racism-in-all-butname/articleshow/4449716.cms  Racism needs to be stopped but first within our on land, if we want to take a call on the atrocities outside the country. I guess its high time that we stand up and fight against the indignities and derogatory remarks thrown at people in every sphere of life. Let us try to seek and give honour to people irrespective of their colour or caste. An incident in Australia or America have many takers.But unfortunately there very few voices raised for such issues within the country. Anyone who is a victim of such abuses are entitled for justice and I strongly feel that we should have stringent law to fight it.. I strongly feel, our faith in our so called unity and diversity demands a little more tolerance and understanding, thus making it possible to have a possible solution to the problem.


To me racism is an evil that affects everyone. It damages the morale of the communities by limiting the contributions of its members and disrupts peaceful co-existence of groups. It damages individuals by destroying self-confidence and preventing them from achieving anything to their potential. It is particularly damaging for children as it hampers their thought process. The consequences of racism is never ever good and is always detrimental.It only ends up in social injustice, a less productive economy, a divided community and a destroyed nation on the whole. .


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