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Till few days back this was a difficult topic for me to discuss. I was apprehensive, confused and terribly scared with the prospect of sending my  two year kiddo to school. He hardly spoke few words. Understood only our language. He needed me for anything and everything. For me its was nothing less than a crime to even think of sending him to school. But I have to admit that I was wrong. No doubt about the fact that I still feel its little early to send your kid to school. But a good and right choice can always boost the development of your kid. And trust me the growth is amazing.

After a lot of discussions, I decided to start schooling for my son. They call it “playschool”. I stared sending my son to playschool near my home when he was just about two years old. Appropriate choice of the playschool is probably the most important thing to be kept in mind by all the parents. My choice was Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Bal Mandir.  I reviewed couple of more school before zeroing down to this, but most of them did not meet my criterion. The distance from the house, the environment, the teachers and most importantly the money. When I met the principal of this school, I was sure I was choosing a right place for my kid. She knew what  small kids need and subsequently how well they can deliver it. Perhaps, patience, compassion, understanding and a uncanny knack of dealing with children are the primary requisite for any school. And today after sending my son there for two months, I am sure that I have given him a good start in life.

Starting days were difficult , both for him and me. A friend of mine asked,  “was your son crying?”  I happily replied, “No!!!”  Then he added,  “and the mother?”  I was choked ! I did missed him a lot. But I kept telling myself it was for his good. But within a week everything fell into place. The changes  I saw in him left me in awe. His energy is channelized in a positive way. He picked up language both at home and in school very fast. He is learning new things be it rhymes or animal names. Though his speech is yet to be clear, but in his own sweet way he is able to express himself distinctly. And above all, I see him happy. He loves his kool (that is the way he spells for school)  and he loves his teachers. Needless to say, there cant be anything more satisfying and joyful for any parents than to see their kiddo smiling  his way to school.

Playschool is relatively a new concept in India. And like me there are many parents who feel starting so early is unnecessary. But then my experience now says even though its early,  its good. A good school, with a healthy environment can definitely give a good start and a firm foundation to a child’s life. But do make sure the child is happy and is taken good care….for anything else let the child smile or frawn do the talking 🙂


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