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Today would definitely be one of the memorable days of my life…I along with my family decided to visit the ‘Art of Living” center here in Bangalore. The place was generally more crowded that its usually is. In my previous visits to the ashram I have not encountered such a crowd. In the beginning I was little taken aback as there was a big problem getting a parking. Soon I realised this is no ordinary day in the ashram. This crowed is for SATSANG!! It was drizzling but still were not allowed to visit the meditation center which was full of people. Near the huge convention hall was sitting the Ganesha idol and a chair serenely decorated, needless to mention for someone very special.

As the time went by, the crowed started gathering near the convention hall. And people sang Ganesha bhajans in unison. I knew guruji was around but could hardly believe my fate that I am actually going to see someone whose philosophy I deeply admired. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar arrived in his usuall plain white attire. Purity personified I would say. Devotees stood up for their Guruji (as he is fondly called), raised their hands, bowed down…and I stood there completely mesmerized. Where I was standing I could see him clearly..but still now and then looked at the big screen….just didn’t want to miss anything at all. Guruji was welcomed with garlands and flowers. He accepted them with grace. No air at all in his gestures..he was calm and his eyes as if did all the talking. Some more bhajans ( devotional songs) followed. And then came the moment…he spoke. I just couldn’t believe my ears that am actually listening to him. He predominantly spoke about spirituality, Ganesh utsava and the mannerism of the universe. Answered questions with his subtle smile and always telling people in his own way that there is nothing or no problem in life that is not curable. People clapped, laughed and it seemed everything was just perfect… so peaceful…so devine.

About Guruji

Guruji was born ( 13th May 1956) to Venkat Ratnam, a businessman in the automobile industry, and Vishalakshi. His parents named him Shankar since his birthday matched that of the 8th century CE Hindu saint, Adi Shankara. According to his biographies, at the age of four he could recite verses from the Bhagavad Gita. He was said to be often found in deep meditation even at a young age. Some followers of the Art of Living movement claim he received an advanced degree in physics at the age of 17.
Shankar is a former disciple of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. At his early age, his father delegated him to the care of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. IIn early 1990s, he added the honorific Sri Sri to his own name.

A non-government organization, Art of Living Foundation (AOLF) was established by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in the year 1982. Though teaching people the art of Sudarshan Kriya served as the main focus of this organization, with time, he also taught the science of yoga, meditation as well as breathing techniques to people. Today, AOLF is one of the largest volunteer-based organizations in the world, with presence in over 140 countries. It works for the educational and humanitarian development of the world at large.

About Guruji’s Philosophy !!

Guruji emphasizes ‘breath’ as the link between body and mind and therefore a tool to relax the mind. He emphasizes both meditation and service to others. According to Guruji, science and spirituality are linked and consistent. His stated vision is to create a world which is free of stress and violence through acquisition of wisdom, and his programs aim to offer practical tools to accomplish wisdom. In his view, “Truth is spherical rather than linear; so it has to be contradictory.” “Anything that is spherical is always contradictory,” says Sri Sri.
Sudarshan Kriya is the core component of the Art of Living courses. Sudarshan Kriya is a cycle of breaths—long, medium and short. Since the mind oscillates wildly between the past and the future, the breath, which is by definition necessarily in the present, is used to “rope in the wandering mind”.

The Art of Living(AOL) course combines the kriya(work) with meditation and teaches how to observe the mind, to live in gratitude and to discard expectations. The workshop also provides a value-based framework to life and tools with which to build the superstructure. The benefits of the workshop include stress reduction, a resurgence of vitality, mental clarity and joy of living. Those who attend the course routinely report relief in respiratory and spinal disorders, diabetes and heart problems. The program has been acclaimed by the World Health Organization.

I remember Guruji saying, “the language of the head is words. the language of the heart is love. the language of the soul is silence.” Today I would like to speak the language of silence so that I can hold this moment of truth..cherish this sublime moment… and admire our very own Guruji. I couldn’t stay there till the end of his discourse. But those few hours were a life time experience for me. Nothing at all can ever take away those hrs of my life when I saw Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for the first time………overwhelmed !!!


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